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Specialist Bathroom Remodeler in Viola

Bathroom Remodel Viola

Bathroom Remodel Corpus Christi, TX, a bathroom remodeling business based in Corpus Christi, specializes in all restroom remodels, from fundamental to high-end finishes. We have years of experience and have actually built a track record for offering top-quality service that satisfies the needs of our consumers. Our services are budget-friendly, and we provide numerous custom restroom design alternatives. Our business can help you bring your vision into reality, whether you are looking to upgrade the look of your restroom or remodel it entirely.

Please get in touch with us to set up a complimentary in-home consultation. We can also offer more information about our restroom restoration and shower remodel services.

Bathroom Remodeler Viola

If you’re considering redesigning your restroom but require a budget. Renovating a bathroom can be a pain. If you’re worried about the expense of restroom renovation, worry not. We provide competitive pricing at Viola by providing numerous restroom services and levels of quality to help you to conserve cash where it matters. We’ll offer you a quote within 24 hours after discussing your task.

We are dedicated to helping homeowners to change their outdated, boring restrooms into stunning, brand-new areas. You can change single fittings, such as your bath or shower or go for a more extensive overhaul. One of the most popular conversions presently is transforming a bathtub to a shower for more area. We have many styles, colours and patterns that will match your home and budget. Delight in the restroom; you deserve it!

Those trying to find handicap-accessible restrooms can expect us to include roomy tubs, barrier-free showers, and tub-to-shower conversions. Our acrylic shower and bathtub alternatives are easy to keep and will make your restroom stunning!

We provide a range of bath and shower items, including shower carts and portable shower wands. We also bring handicap-accessible accessories, such as security seats and a grab bar, to make bathing much safer, pleasurable, and more independent experience.

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Bathroom Restoration Benefits

Redesigning your restroom has lots of advantages. As you tackle your daily activities, you’ll be able to experience all of the advantages listed below.

Improved Daily Routines: Self-care will be simpler in the early mornings and at night.

Improved Wellness: Environment-friendly and health-conscious construction enhances air quality and residents’ health.

Improved Energy Efficiency: Energy-saving devices and low-flow toilets are simply methods to conserve cash and the environment.

Contemporary Look & Feel: Straightforward design and smart functionality for today’s modern restrooms.

Universal Design: Intuitive design promotes accessibility and ease of usage for everybody in your house.

Increased Storage – Extra cabinets and closets allow for much better storage and organization.

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Free Proposal

Bathroom Remodeling Materials

Natural Stone Collection

Natural stone panels give you the look of natural stone without the associated maintenance. It is a natural product that is backed with aluminium.

Onyx Shower Collections

Onyx was designed specifically for the restroom, and many consumers enjoy its unique design aspects.

BCI Tub and Shower Systems

BCI is a leader in the strong surface area wall surroundings market in the United States. They were established in 1998 and have more than twenty years of experience in the market.

Delta Faucets

Delta is a leading service provider of shower trims and vanity faucets, among our more popular brand names set up today.

Popular Bathroom Design Characteristics

  • Restrooms with suspended counters
  • Bathroom with integrated dressing location
  • Restrooms with wooden frames
  • Restrooms with delimited toilets and suspended toilets
  • Classy and roomy restrooms

Bathroom Security

Accidents in the restroom can occur in many different methods, and no one is exempt. It’s because of this that we think about households. If you live alone, you might go through many phases where you must change your half-bath routines.

We have more than ten years of experience in the remodeling market. We can suggest suggestions you might have yet to consider when preparing your restroom remodel.

Information like floor texture that avoids slipping, glass resistance to unexpected bumps, and cabinets and countertops with child-safe edges are all important factors to consider with each fitting. Even restroom management are designed for people with movement concerns.

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Bathroom-Remodeling-firm-classic-style-floor-and-wall-tiles-with-walk-in-shower Viola Viola Bathroom-Remodel-Contractor-completes-modern-restroom-with-marble-shower-tiles

What Takes Place During Bathroom Remodels In Viola

Redesigning your restroom can help you develop the relaxing sanctuary that you prefer. Who does not like to spend time in the bath? It’s a holy temple! Before you decide, you must believe carefully about what you want.

After preparing and taking apart the restroom, your specialists must pick from numerous alternatives for brand-new lighting components, floor covering, shower and bathtub components, toilets, and a vanity.

It’s a great concept to prepare when remodeling your home if you intend to stay there for an extended period. It needs to be safe and comfortable and stay intact for a couple of months after conclusion. If you decide to proceed, you will conserve cash and ultimately become a great financial investment for you and the next residents.

Make certain that the lighting is suitable for your needs. Who would shower quietly in lights that appear like they are from an operating theatre? Keep in mind that you will be required to be able to see plainly to be able to shave correctly.

After finishing all the plumbing, electrical, and structural enhancements, you can enjoy your half bath, now your sanctuary. If you still require to choose a professional, Viola can help you recognize your dream.

What is included in bathroom renovation services?

We have various alternatives to upgrade cabinets, countertops and storage. Consider how you will use your restroom area when thinking about the lots of alternatives readily available. Popular examples we hear from consumers are:

  • Unwind with a radio or television
  • Show “His and Hers” areas
  • Stay organized with a laundry tower and additional storage
  • No more messy restroom countertops!

Our restroom remodeling professionals can create a stunning, practical, clutter-free, tidy, and practical area for your restroom.

Floor covering

We provide you with a large range of alternatives for restroom floor covering. Choose from numerous colors, patterns and textures to develop a bathroom that will impress you. In current tasks, we have seen numerous products utilized, such as ceramic tiles, vinyl, natural stone, porcelain tiles, polished concrete and crafted wood floor covering.

Lighting and Walls

It’s just total to redesign your restroom by upgrading the walls and lighting. It’s an easy way to make your bath look stunning. You could consider:

  • Including vanity lights
  • Hang a chandelier
  • Brighten up your room with color

A general rule of thumb for restroom lighting is 75-100 watts for visitors and masters. Nevertheless, 45-60 watts are sufficient for half-baths or powder rooms.

Sinks, tubs and showers

There are lots of methods to design your sinks, showers, and tubs. Below is a brief life of the various styles of sinks:

  • Pedestal Sink
  • Free-Standing vanities
  • Vessel Sink
  • Wall-Mounted Sink
  • Undermount Sink
  • Console Sink
  • Self-Mounted sink
Viola Bathroom-remodeling-company Viola White-Bathroom-remodel
Bathroom-Remodeling-firm-classic-style-floor-and-wall-tiles-with-walk-in-shower Viola Viola Bathroom-Remodel-Contractor-completes-modern-restroom-with-marble-shower-tiles

Guide: Timeline for Bathroom Remodel Professionals

We have actually created a timeline for restroom renovations, presuming all specialists and technicians work efficiently and the products required are easily offered. Note that this is a hypothetical timeline that does not include any dead days or minor renovations.


You are required to start at the bottom and do the heavy lifting of eliminating the old components. The procedure usually takes a couple of days but can be extended if the restroom is on the 2nd level.

Standard carpentry and plumbing

If the work underlined is strong, you might not be required to do extra carpentry. If you prepare to keep the layout of your restroom the very same, the plumbing lines currently laid out will work fine.

Electrical power rough-in

Even though it’s an unpleasant task, you can hire an expert to set up underground electrical energy lines rapidly. Electrical power rough-ins for many restrooms of average size would take less than one day.


Aside from the preliminary assessment to discover the best area, insulating a bathroom takes little time. Even if you do it yourself, insulating a couple of walls takes hours.


If you have a different design, it is time to paint after hanging and completing your drywalls. It’s a relatively quick task, but adding the drywall procedure could take up to 4 complete days.


depends on whether you set up pre-built cabinets in your restroom. Fitting pre-built cabinetry is quick and easy, but developing personalized cabinets takes time.

Bathroom Remodeling Expenses in Viola

Here is a rough quote of the restroom remodeling expense in Viola based on task size and products.

Small Bathroom

Standard: approximately $2200.

As much as $7,300.

High-end: approximately $15,000.

Large Bathroom.

Standard: $10,000.

Mid-range: $16,900.

High-end: $28,700.

As you can see, there are many variations in the costs based on these broad factors. The average Corpus Christi mid-range restroom will cost between $11,000 and $12,000.

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Free Proposal

Bathroom Restoration Task: Type & Expense.

Sometimes, the restroom remodels that you want involve one low-to-medium-complexity job. Here are some of the expense ranges for the most popular tasks:

  • Addition of a walk-in Shower – $2,500 to $8,500.
  • Converting a tub to a shower can cost between $1,200 and $8,000.
  • Setting up a glass shower door – $800 – $1,500.
  • Refinishing a bath – $300 to $700.
  • Fixing a glass shower door – $130 – $400.

How to Conserve Cash When Redesigning Bathroom

The half-bath restoration expense might shock you, specifically since it is a relatively small area where you spend a small part of your time. This is why we wish to share methods to keep costs down.

Keep the existing plumbing.

Moving energies, such as sinks or transforming a tub into a shower, makes the task more complex and pricey. The most cost-effective solution is to work with the existing pipelines. The very same is true for electrical wiring and load-bearing walls.

Pick products wisely.

Manmade products, such as vinyl floor covering, can look excellent and function well in the half bath and maximize your budget for a more pricey item, such as an updated stone countertop or sink.

When you can, DIY.

Some jobs need to be delegated to specialists. Nevertheless, changing the toilet is relatively easy and can conserve cash on labor. You can discover a wealth of information and how-tos online for any basic task.

Texas Operating Area

We cover all of Viola, from nearby neighborhoods to downtown areas. Our licensed team comprises trained professionals with a comprehensive understanding of every aspect of Bathroom remodeling and renovation.

We take great pride in meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction, so call today to receive a complimentary quote or schedule an onsite visit.

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