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A bath remodel that can last for a long time

If it's the right time to change your bathtub or shower, call Bathtubs and Showers Corpus Christi to get help. We'll make certain that the job gets done right away and provide service that is totally guaranteed. You'll be guided on what's involved and the time needed to accomplish for getting the kind of shower or bathtub you want, and where to be placed.

Renovating bathtubs

Initially, we will have our consultant go to your place and takes the necessary measurements. In addition, The staff is going to assist you with the upgrades so that your bath will be one of a kind that fits your taste. Then, we customize your tub or shower to fit precisely in your home. Lastly, your new tub and wall liners will be placed right over your current ones. The installing professional will do the needed cleaning or perhaps the repairs. You can use your new bathtub in less than 24 hours. We also do tub shower installation and repairs.

Getting rid of your old shower and or bathtub

With plumbers, they can see a lot of dirt and mess. They enjoy something when it's clean. We make it to the point that we clean up as we go. We can also take away your old tiles, bathtub, and shower.

If it's possible, we do some recycling. Some Bathroom Accessories Corpus Christi can be reused if possible. If not, then we can throw it away for you.

Bathtubs and Showers Corpus Christi can install any type of brands you want, so all you need to do is choose, but make sure you inform us ahead of time.

Length of duration to install bathtubs

From your standard bathtubs to your specialized ones, it can take up to three weeks.

The water has to be off for 24 hours.

Please bear in mind that if the conditions met are within normal. When it comes to restoration, you'll never know what to expect when you open the walls. It's very common when the walls are open, and molds can be seen in the shower area. It might take a while to do some necessary treatments in your shower area. Another factor will be put into play. It all depends on the evenness of the tiles as the walls and tiles need to be flat for them to be put smoothly.

Another process involved in the installation

Here is some information on how your home can have a very lasting impact.

Moving a tub in and out

The fun part of changing a bathtub is getting it inside the house. Of course, you'll have to take out the old one as well. Here are some steps involved:

There may be some adjustments needed in order for this to happen. We have to consider the surroundings involved in the moving process, and this includes removing the toilet when necessary.

We get it done guaranteed

Putting up a bathtub is not a simple DIY project. It requires a professional touch, from taking measurements to replacing the entire tub. Mistakes are bound to happen if handled by a non-professional. To put your mind at ease, visit our website or call Bathtubs and Showers Corpus Christi.